What to pack?



20 kg - for some months or even a year? WHHAAAAT!

Okay, sounds not a lot but DO NOT freak out. Honestly, you don't really need that much. When you are with the kids all day you should wear comfortable clothes. Also look up the weather in your Area. If it is hot as long as you are staying, you don't need to bring winter clothes. And remember, you can buy everything you need in the country or borrow it from your host family. So what I would recommend out of my many living abroad experiences:

  • two pairs of trainers (if one gets wet cause of the rain or sth. like that)
  • flip flops
  • ballerinas or more "lady like" shoes, if there is an event going on (like a wedding, party, etc.)
  • two (or three) long jeans or trousers
  • some shirts, which match good with the trousers
  • jogging pants - they are really comfortable when you stay with the kids
  • a pullover
  • toilet things like a toothbrush, make up, etc.
  • presents for the family (like typical chocolate)
  • camera, selfie stick, laptop
  • credit card; international driving license

Also, try to think about what to pack already one month before. Figure out, what you use at home and put it all on one place. And some days ago, you just have to pack everything :)