one month left! one month left until I am flying to Spain. - finally. one month left until I am flying to Spain and live there for some months. AWESOME! one month to go and so much to prepare.

I can't wait until I am moving to Spain. But I have to prepare some important things. Who else moved to another country or a city recently? 

I just signed my contract for my flat. It's a really modern flat in the center of the city. I found my flat in a Facebook group. Didn't think that it was that easy. After I posted that I need a flat for a longer period in this Facebook group I got about 20 direct messages with flats in less then 10 minutes. So if you looking for a flat in a foreign city - check out different Facebook pages, if you don't wanna pay fees for agencies. 

I also booked my flight today. It's weird to book a one-way flight somewhere. That makes things more exited I guess. If you don't know when are you coming home EXACTLY. That's weird in a way because I am a really organized person who wanna know exactly everything and every step. But hey, it's new year, no better way to start with a willful intent.  

My next steps are to get a new mobile phone contract and I really have to go shopping and buying some beachwear for Spain. ;) Can't wait for warm temperatures, sitting at the beach and enjoying the sun.

Maybe someone is wondering what I am doing in Spain? I will keep you updated the next months. 

Leave a comment with your guess. :)