TWO nights in LONDON


LONDON - definitely one of the best cities in Europe. try to have the best time in London over a weekend. but how should you prepare it?

a. book an early flight. early flights are often so much cheaper. sometimes there are cheap flights with around 60 euros. try to get one of those flights. hand luggage for one weekend is definitely enough! buying extra luggage will make the flight more expensive.

b. try to find a cheap hotel or a hostel. you don't need an exclusive hotel with breakfast included. you won't spend that much time in your room, because there are sooooo many impressions out there! I would recommend a room in zone 1 - inner London. Notting Hill or Paddington are really beauties. you can find really cheap rooms at trivago or similar websites. but book your room quick and as early as you can. 

c.  try to not visit the city whilst winter break or in the summer holidays. there are sooo many tourists and the city is really busy. flights and rooms are much more expensive in this time. the best time to travel is in the midseason. because usually tourists have to work or go to school. 

d. buy an oyster card. you can buy an oyster card at many shops near the tube. it's very cheap to use the tube with an oyster card. you can connect the purchase of an oyster card with a London pass. entries for museums or sightseeing things are cheaper or for free with a London pass. but think if it worth it. if you interested in many museums and sightseeings it's worth it but if you don't use it that often, don't buy it. because it's not that cheap.

e. if you haven't been to London before, I would recommend a hop on - hopp off bus tour. actually I am not the biggest fan of bus tours like this, but in a city like this - where are a lot of things to see - a bus tour can be really nice. searching in the internet you will find great deals. for example: entry for the London eye + hop on hop off or similar things. London is a great city with loads of things to see. but you don't have to visit every museum from the inside. it's also nice to just pass things because the London street flow is so much nicer. 


- buy the hop on hop off tour. there is also a boat trip at the river thamses included. 

- buy a ticket for the London eye. you will get a nice overview from the city. there is a long queue and sometimes you have to wait an hour  or even longer. so choose a time, where it's not that busy. go there early in the morning, a bit before it opens, buy a ticket and enjoy the view.

- pack good shoes and walk as much as you can. it's so nice to see the different districts of London. 

- you can also use the uber taxi  in London. but it's kind of bit more expensive  then in other cities. ( click here for a cheap uber drive)

- have a coffee in the morning and lunch time at Hyde park. buy food for your lunch in the supermarket. 

- nights out: in pups


  • modern city
  • friendly people
  • perfect weekend getaway
  • food and drinks in pubs are expensive